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Conditions of Use

Please note that this English version is for information only, and the Dutch version is legally binding.

1. Application

1.1 These are the General Conditions of the Stichting Maitreya Instituut, trading on the Internet under the names and
1.2 With "" we also imply "", as it is one and the same website with two Domain Names.
1.3 These General Conditions (hereafter called "Conditions") are applicable to all offers from and on all agreements with
1.4 Accepting an offer of or ordering with implies that you accept the application of these Conditions.
1.5 One can only deviate from these Conditions when confirmed in writing, but all other conditions and regulations will remain valid.
1.6 Where these Conditions mention (delivery of) articles, this includes also any other work and service of any kind performed by
1.7 With 'Buyer" is meant any legal person who has an agreement with to purchase a product or service, as well as any legal person who wishes to commit to such an agreement. More specifically, "Buyer" refers to the person who orders and pays for a delivery by
1.8 Where these Conditions and the Internet site mentions forms, the standard forms are intended which appear on the internet pages or unchanged prints by the Buyer of these forms.

2 Offers/agreements

2.1 Offers and price indications should be regarded as an invitation to potential Buyers to make an offer. is in no way obliged to deliver, unless this is unmistakenly agreed in writing. When the potential Buyer makes an offer, is only to be considered to lead to an agreement when all the other conditions of these General Conditions are met.
2.2 All offers by without engagement, and reserves the right to correct prices or decide a product cannot be delivered, specifically when this is legally mandatory.
2.3 Special offers are only valid during the validity period as mentioned in the offer.
2.4 As does not have an automated stock-control, it is possible that not all articles are in stock. In this case, will notify the Buyer as soon as possible, as this could lead to a delayed delivery or even cancellation of the order. The Buyer or can than decide to cancel the order.
2.5 An offer by the potential Buyer as menationed under 2.1 is assumed to be made in one of the following circumstances:
- The potential Buyer has exactly indicated which article or service he wishes to receive
- An offer is signed by the Buyer and received by after has sent a named offer to the Buyer..
- The potential Buyer has filled out the required order forms on the internet site from and the data are received by
2.6 An agreement is basically made when an order-confirmation is handed to the Buyer, or in case the offer was made via the Internet, when the confirmation is sent to the Buyers' e-mail address.
2.7 has the right to refuse orders or connect certain conditions to the order, unless explicitely mentioned otherwise. When an order is not accepted, will notify the Buyer within five (5) working days after receipt of the order.
2.8 Buyer and agree that by using electronic communications valid agreements can be made, provided the conditions under 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 are met. Specifically the lack of an ordinary signature does not invalidate the offer or agreement. The electronic database of is considered, as far as legally permitted, as possible evidence.
2.9 Information, images, verbal messages, telephone messages or email regarding all products and offers are done as accurate as possible. However, cannot guarantee that all offers comply fully with the provided information. Small deviations do not automatically lead to payment of damages or invalidity of the agreement.

3 Prices and payments

3.1 The provided prices for the offered articles and services are in Euros, including VAT and excluding shipment costs, and possible taxes and levies.
3.2 With payment by bank transfer, the credit date is taken from the bank account of
3.3 When Buyer fails to pay, can either delay or invalidate the agreement.
3.4 In case prices for offered articles or services increase in the period between ordering and delivery, Buyer is entitled to cancel the order and invalidate the agreement within ten (10) days after receiving the announcement of the price increace by

4 Delivery and delivery time

4.1 aims to hand over articles within two working days to postNL Post. A small number of articles can have a longer delivery time, or may need to be ordered by BoeddhaBoeken. is not responsible for possible delays caused by PostNL, or any other delivery service engaged by, or by errors in the stock indications by the suppliers of
4.2 The mentioned delivery times are only valid for deliveries within the Netherlands, and cannot be interpreted as a legally binding maximum delivery time, unless explicitely agreed otherwise. In case the order is not delivered within the (legally binding) period of 30 days, Buyer needs to inform in writing, after which a reasonable time for delivery of at least 7 working days will be considered.
4.3 Our delivery times count from the moment when has received the correctly filled out order form as well as the payment have been received and accepted.
4.4 If the agreed delivery time, for whatever reason, is exceeded by, will notify you in writing (via e-mail, fax, or letter) as soon as possible. In this case, you (the Buyer) can cancel the agreement by notifying in writing (via e-mail, fax, or letter).
4.5 As soon as the order has arrived at the delivery address, all risks of the articles are for the Buyer. When ordered articles are offered at the delivery address in vain, the risk of the articles is for the Buyer.
4.6 Condition 4.5 is not applicable when the Buyer has chosen to collect the order in person. In this case, the risk will only pass to the Buyer when the order has been received by Buyer.
4.7 With delivery in countries outside the Netherlands, other conditions may be applicable. ( will contact Buyers prior to delivery in this case, as also postal rates need to be determined.)

5 Acceptance periode (Afkoelingsperiode)

5.1 The Buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered articles immediately after delivery.
5.2 For agreements with consumer-buyers via the internet, or otherwise via electronic communication, the Buyer has the right to cancel the order within seven (7) working days without mention of reasons after receipt of order. For orders under 5.3 or 5.4, this cancellation right is not applicable.
5.3 For personalized products, the right of order cancellation as per 5.2 is not applicable. Conditions mentioned under 6 are still applicable.
5.4 Some products like CDs of DVDs are sealed to avoid copying them. By breaking the seal, you cannot return the product. In case an opened product proves to have been damaged, you can claim a replacing product as per 6.1.
5.5 If you like to cancel the order according to 5.2 of these Conditions, Buyer needs to notify in writing (via e-mail, letter or fax). You need to return the products back as soon as possible. Costs and risks for returning the product(s) and the original shipment costs are for Buyer.
5.6 When Buyer cancels the order as per 5.2, will repay the amount you have paid for the product(s) (excluding the shipment costs) within 30 days of receipt of the returned product(s) .
5.7 reserves the right to refuse returned products, or to only credit part of the amount paid when the product(s) are damaged, used or opened by others than or the supplier.
5.8 In case a product is returned and believed to be damaged under your responsibility, will notify you in writing (via fax, letter or e-mail). reserves the right to reduce the repayment as a result of loss of value by this damage of the product(s).

6 Money-back guarantee

6.1 If, within 30 days of receipt of the order, it proves that the product(s) is damaged or according to you not in according to what you ordered, you have two possibilities:
(a) You can ask in writing (via fax, letter or e-mail) for repair, replacement or delivery of missing parts, or
(b) you can cancel the agreement with by giving written notice (via fax, letter or e-mail) to
6.2 If you request for repair, replacement or delivery of missing parts under 6.1(a) you need to return the product to will replace or repair the product within 20 working days, and send it back to you. Costs for shipment, repair, replacement etc. are for, unless the damage or missing parts are reasonably the responsibility of the Buyer. If the Buyer is assumed to be responsible for damage or missing parts, will notify Buyer in writing and return the article to Buyer in the same condition as received.
6.3 If the agreement is cancelled according to 6.1(b), you will need to send the product immediately to Costs for shipment are for the Buyer. The price of the product(s) will be returned to Buyer within 30 working days after receipt of the product. Conditions 5.4, 5.7 and 5.8 are applicable to this situation.

7 Guarantee and liability

7.1 For products delivered by, only the guarantee as given by the manufacturer for the product are valid. only has a transfer-function during such a guarantee period..
7.2 cannot be held liable for damages to Buyer or others, unless gross guilt or negligence from the part of is obvious. is never liable for indirect or company damage, loss of profits etc..
7.3 If, for whatever reason is held liable to repay damages, the amount of repayment will never exceed the order value.
7.4 No guarantee is given in case of normal wear and tear, or in any of the following cases: :
- When the product is changed, including repairs executed without permission of or the manufacturer;
- when the original order cannot be provided, has been changed or made illegible;
- when problems are due to incorrect use of the product;
- when damage has occurred due intention, gross negligence or improper maintenance.
7.5 Buyer is held to protect for any liability that third parties claim towards the execution of the agreement by  as far as law permits to make it the liability of the Buyer.
7.6 It is possible that the Internet site of includes links to other Internet sites that may be informative for visitors. Such links are purely given for information, and is not in any way responsible for the information or use of these Internet sites.

8 Property

8.1 Despite delivery, product(s) only become the property of Buyer after the Buyer has paid the full amount of the costs to, including previous orders.
8.2 Buyer is not allowed to tax, sell, deliver or steal the product(s) prior to his ownership of the product(s).

9 Inability

9.1 In case of 'inability', cannot be held responsible for keeping obligations to Buyer, or the obligations are suspnded for the duration of  the 'inability'.
9.2 "Inability' in this case refers to any situation beyond control of that disables to fulfill the obligations towards Buyer. Such circumstances can be for example stikes, fire, power failures, delivery problems of suppliers, or legal permissions. Other circumstances leading to 'inability' can be disruptions in communication networks like phone lines, internet services or the third-party internet site host.

10 Copyrights

10.1 Buyer needs to fully respect and act conform all copyrights on products delivered by
10.2 cannot guarantee that all delivered products fully comply with any third-party copyrights.

11 Disclaimer

11.1 All mentioned prices, percentages and tariffs on this internet site are with reservation of possible mistakes, and can be changed by within their legal authority.
11.2 The website of and all contained documents, texts, sound and images in the widest sense are copyrighted. For further distribution, publication or copying, written agreement is necessary. rejects responsibility for any damage (directly and indirectly) that occurs because of using the website and its contents. maintains and secures the website and contents. cannot guarantee freedom of technical imperfections. Similarly, can not guarantee that while using the website and its contents you are protected from virusses and/or other damaging applications; for these, visitors need to take necessary precautions.

12 Jurisdiction

12.1 All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements that are made under these Conditions, fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the laws of the Netherlands.
12.2 All disputes connected to or resulting from offers and agreements with will be presented to the appropriate court in Apeldoorn, unless Dutch law explicitely rules another court as responsible.

13 Privacy

13.1 will process personal information of Buyer according to the privacy policy as described on this website.
13.2 will act strictly in accordance to the applicable Dutch laws and regulations on privacy.


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